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Hi and welcome to our blog. We'd love to hear your feedback on 'The Power' video and pdf ecourse, and of course how you get on with the free Alpha audio. We hope the course educates you, and inspires you to learn more about the amazing power of your mind...

...and as you'll also discover, by improving your life and using your power in a positive way, you could also help create a positive shift for mankind :)

To help raise your vibrations, in the right hand column you'll find some bonus ebooks and wallpapers you can download for free.

The consciousess revolution has begun...

Iain, Phil and Jules


Coolest Guy on the Planet said...

Great book on the working on the mind and looking forward to getting into the alpha mp3..The benefits of Alpha cant be understated..I know I'll be on a Alpha training regime..look forwartd to more to come..



David said...

I love the book. Just wondering is the mp3 supposed to only go for 1 minute? It seems incomplete.


mindataqwa said...

great revolution mind to transfer better,peaceful and always feel good.Well Done!

tina said...

Just listened to the MP3 and was amazed that my eyelids started to close and even my eyes started to tear! Not sure what occurred but everything went away after the audio stopped.

great information in the e-book

Nancy from said...

Hi All,
Just discovered this today. Have any of you used Holosync? That covers all the Hz waves.

I do like this, though. It seems powerful.

Is there a followup on the book?


ablogger said...

I really loved the alpha soundtrack how can I get more? i read that something about supreme self confidence tracks when will that be available?

Keeyong said...

Hello all,

Just wanted to say thanks for the AMC mp3 and pdf. I love it. Hey nacy I've heard of Holosync too . . . they're constantly emailing me, encouraging me to purchase the product. I'm going to purchase it, but I've got to save up for it :P If you like this sort of stuff, check out BrainEv too.

Thanks again,

Carol King said...

Hi, I am having a little challenge down loading the mp3, it plays online but it is not allowing me to download it. Could you help please. Thanks in advance.

hypnosisimprovelife said...

In 1971 I started studying the mind after a telepathic experience. I studied many techniques and received three hypnotherapy certifications from an accredited school in 1988.

Semantics are most important in hypnosis as the subconscious accepts the words without filtering information.

Your Alpha Mind Control audio is very good in many ways but I am wondering why you say 'to tired to move'. You might have said you are too peaceful or too relaxed to move. Why induce tiredness?

Also the words danger and accidents are used repeatedly. This phrase could also have been worded positively. Such as, you are safe and aware of your safety in all your activities. You maintain a state of peace and balance throughout your day.

Why induce danger and accidents are happening? You say it's to others but the subconscious probably doesn't follow. The subconscious only hears danger, accidents are happening.

Old fashioned creepy hypnotic voice used. A change in tempo and tone is good for emphasize but I kept thinking why is this guy talking so weird.

You have a lot of good information clearly explained in the adobe download.

Maryann Laraia

Dianne said...

Hi. I am unable to download The Alpha Mind Control Audio. I cannot connect to the download page. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Ilana Moss, A Mind With Heart said...

I have used other audio meditation and hypnosis tools (like Holosync, Awakened Minds, and more) but Alpha Mind Control BLOWS EVERYTHING ELSE RIGHT OUT OF THE WATER!!! Effective, powerful, and amazing. Thank you very much Jules and Phil! I have sent recommendations to many of my friends, and look forward to more from Super Mind Evolution : )

kaplunkii_girl said...

Why do your instructions say "Do not use these files while breast feeding or pregnant unless otherwise instructed by your physician"? I have just discovered your site and am also trying to fall pregnant. I would like to know the specific risks because I would be disappointed if I could not continue using your recording.

P.S. I don't have a physician and if I did I'm sure they'd just look at me very strangely and say it was all mumbo-jumbo anyway :)

Caroline said...

Thank you, this took me somewhere wonderful. It is inspirational that you are releasing so many copies for free - just imagine the impact. This matters at such a profound level


Grace said...

Thank you for the AMC mp3. It was great. After listening to the audio, my mind was clearer and I feel lighter.

Though I agree with 'hypnosisimprovelife'about replacing certain negative words like accidents. Good thing it was countered with the word safe.

All in all great work! I'm looking forward for more. :)

Barry said...

I downloaded the MP3 and I've listened to it twice. Maybe it's my mind is too busy or something because I haven't really noticed any new feelings or extra energy or anything like that. I'm sorry to say but I feel pretty much the same. What am I doing 'wrong'?

Miki said...

I was able to burn the MP3 to a CD, however, it wouldn't download to my MP3 player. Something to do with creating an index? I'd love to have it on my MP3 player.

LOA said...

Hi Ian,

I have downloaded your free copy of the alpha audio and have started using it; I currently use another brain wave entrainment program for meditation that uses the isochronic and monoaural beats.

Will your binaural beat alpha audio be as effective in giving me noticeable changes when used back-to-back with Nelson Berry’s Subliminal Video Message series.

Muriel said...

It was great, right up to the phrase "Accidents happen to others, not you". This is disturbing and negative and in fact, the only negative comment on the cd. This phrase is not one that I would continually put in my subconscious, so I would not listen to it again. The rest is really wonderful and I enjoyed the state it puts you in. The voice is soft and soothing. I read that the subconscious does not compute the words "not", "don't", "no" etc.
If this is correct, when you say, for example, "you are not poor", it is in fact discarding the word "not". In that sense then, it would be better to say "I am well off" or "I have abundance". When you think of it, anything with a negative word, can be turned into a more positive phrase, for example "Myself and my loved ones are always safe and free of mishaps".
You have a great product that will turn a lot of lives around. It just needs a little tweeking :-))


Ea said...

Thanks for the MP3 - I agree with the other that useing more positive wording would be an improvement. Also I ends rather sudden. I would have liked to be taken back to 'reality' with something like - you'll feel refreshed and alert..
Is there a reason to just drop us there :-)

/ Ea

Greg van Riel said...

I am very intrigued by this technology but will wait to use it until after the "negative" wording has been changed. Please let us know when / if you plan to edit those out or do a re-recording.


Iain_Legg said...

Hi everyone, thanks for your comments and questions.

Regarding the wording on the audio, just had this message from Jeff -

“Yes there is some negative language in this script that Jim Francis tested and used to produce great results.“In this script, Jim's uses some principles of negative and/or weak statements to accentuate others...this is a valid technique. Also, negative commands among positive ones also mimic a “push and pull” concept in hypnosis.

Jim's style does not reflect how I do things. I do prefer to use only positive language in my work Here is a free download from one of my commercial CD's for those of you that would prefer only positive language.....this is my gift to you. Click Here


If anyone is still having problems with the download let me know, but we've added more instructions and download links to help people. You can access them at

...and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the 2nd video and pdf - The Evolution of Mankind, which should be in your inbox

Many thanks,

Iain_Legg said...

Just want to add, we are re recording the old audio, minus the negative wording, and will let you all know when the new one is ready to download.

~*kimrey*~ said...

i am VERY glad to hear that you are changing the negative wording!
that was a concern of mine as well :)
otherwise, i think your product is
excellent. minus a couple of typos in your PowerPart1. but i am pretty picky about typos :P
i have used holosync/mind aerobics (i just started level three) and i like the way this sounds much better...

thank you!

Joyas de Cobre said...

i completely loved the second pdf. its giving me so much hope! Thanks so so so much!

overkel said...

I was practicing alpha using the alpha track from your super mind evolutuion system. after awhile i decided to move on. after i started useing some other entrainment products my girlfiend became very edgy and unpredictable, so we broke up. in retrospect; she was always in a good mood the day after i put alpha on and edgy after i listened to an astral projection mp3 i had. if i had kept listening to alpha exclusively we'd still be together. imo

Iain_Legg said...

Glad you liked the 2nd pdf Joyas :)

...and sorry to hear about your girlfriend overkel. Did you feel/think/act differently after listening to our alpha mp3 compared to the astral projection mp3?

~*kimrey*~ said...
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~*kimrey*~ said...
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